Cool Screencaptures from Web Analytics demo thanks to Pentaho, Infobright & Semphonic

ImageSuccess Metrics Dashboard

Visitors by Type Line ChartVisitors by Type Line Chart (Pentaho Analyzer)

Bassic Success Last Period Geomap USABassic Success Last Period Geomap USA

A must see demo

Access and use the demo to explore how to uncover meaningful insights from big data Web analytics.


Pentaho and Google Web Kit GeoMap issues resolved

During Last week while I was  developing a Dashboard on GWT to deploy in Pentaho (Remember to use GWT sdk of a version 2.0.4 newer versions are not valid for Pentaho)

I found several issues but finding docs about Charts was specially difficult

-) Youl’ll need to install GWT plugin for eclipse

-)New > Web Application Project (Blue logo google)

-) Add  GWT visualization jar  (1.1.2 version for example) as external library to your project

-)inherit in you module.xml from gwt.visualization

<!– Other module inherits                                      –>
<inherits name=””/>

Here I  attach source code for creating a GeoMap chart, remember to add it to an RootPanel on the onModuleload() method of your project





// creation worldMap
private void createWorldMap(){


//grafico_mundo_options.setColors(0xFF8747, 0xFFB581, 0xc06000);

data_world_chart= DataTable.create();

data_world_chart.addColumn(ColumnType.STRING, “Country”);
data_world_chart.addColumn(ColumnType.NUMBER, “Population”);

data_world_chart.setValue(0, 0, “Germany”);
data_world_chart.setValue(0, 1, 1000);
data_world_chart.setValue(1, 0, “Spain”);
data_world_chart.setValue(1, 1, 1500);
data_world_chart.setValue(2, 0, “Italy”);
data_world_chart.setValue(2, 1, 1000);
data_world_chart.setValue(3, 0, “France”);
data_world_chart.setValue(3, 1, 600);
data_world_chart.setValue(4, 0, “Portugal”);
data_world_chart.setValue(4, 1, 200);

grafico_mundo = new GeoMap(data_world_chart,   world_chart_options);

//Panel is a VerticalPanel


GeoMap GWT