Fusion Charts Pentaho plugin test on BI server 4.5.0-stable Community Edition

First of all you need to download latest stable version from Pentaho Business Analytics portal on sourceforge


Next download this Fusion Charts free plugin.

Download link

Download sample solutions folder link

Next after unzipping all downloaded files we proceed installing the plugin.

  1. Extract the fusion plugin zip file into the /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system path and as a result  in /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/fusion_plugin folder you will have fusioncharts,js ,lib folders and several .properties and xml config files.
  2. Extract the fusion samples zip file into the /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/bi-developers path –>  Now you have /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/bi-developers/fusion-charts with 3 folders on it containing dashboards and chart samples.
  3. Set bi-developers  folder to visible
    1. Edit file index.xml and set <visible>true</visible> maybe you don’t need to configure this as pentaho BI server 4.5 contains this property true by default
  4. Change the file /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho.xml to include another entry on the acl-files list: <acl-files>…,xfusion</acl-files  Image
  5. Run start-pentaho.bat script and log into the User console localhost:8080 with joe as user and password as password. After entering on the BI system  go to  Tools  -> Refesh -> Repository Cache in order to refresh the solution repository.
  6. Check the amazing results now and the great flash effectsImageImageImageImage