Pentaho, 10gen Collaborate to Integrate MongoDB

Business analytics vendor Pentaho and 10gen, the company behind MongoDB, today announced a partnership to provide direct integration between Pentaho Business Analytics and MongoDB.

As enterprise data architectures continue to evolve, customers are looking to address rapidly changing multi-structured data and take advantage of cloud-like architectures. This alliance brings the data integration, data discovery and visualization capabilities of Pentaho to MongoDB.

The companies say that the native integration between Pentaho and MongoDB helps enterprises take advantage of the flexible, scalable data storage capabilities of MongoDB while ensuring compatibility and interoperability with existing data infrastructure.

Pentaho and 10gen have developed connectors to tightly integrate MongoDB and Pentaho Business Analytics. By adding MongoDB integration to its existing library of connectors for relational databases, analytic databases, data warehouses, enterprise applications, and standards-based information exchange formats, Pentaho says it can provide a more robust enterprise architects, developers, data scientists and analysts for both MongoDB and existing databases.

As a release this week stated, “Enterprise architects benefit from a scalable data integration framework functioning across MongoDB and other data stores, and developers gain access to familiar graphical interfaces for data integration and job management with full support for MongoDB. Data scientists and analysts can now visualize and explore data across multiple data sources, including MongoDB.”

Soon I will made a video explaining MongoDB integration with Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Reporting