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David Fombella

Business Intelligence is a growing field. The roots are in Data Warehousing (collecting data), data mining (doing analytics on data) and decision support (dashboards, reports and event notifications). That is why I am attracted to this field. During 2011 I worked as Business Intelligence consultant at CSC, focused in designing and developing BI solutions (ETL processes, ad –hoc reporting, OLAP) with Pentaho Business Intelligence and Analytics. Currently I am working at Stratebi in Madrid (Pº de la Castellana).

Nowadays, you need to provide the business decision makers
with the tools they need to make use of the data. In this
context, “tools” means much more than just software. It
means everything the business users need to understand
what information is available, find the subsets they need,
and structure the data to illuminate the underlying business

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi David,

    I’m working for BARC in Germany. At the moment we’re conducting the BI Survey 13 and as you being Pentahoconsultant/blogger I’d like to ask for your help, getting the opinion of other Pentaho BI users.

    As a partner you will get the final BI Survey results document for free (we sell this for 5000 USD), as well as country specific analysis.

    Here’s a little background on the survey:

    The BI Survey, published by BARC, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive annual survey of the real world experiences of business intelligence software users. Now in its twelfth year, The BI Survey regularly attracts around 3000 responses from a global audience. It provides an invaluable resource to companies deciding which software to select and to vendors who want to understand the needs of the market.

    The Survey is funded by its readers, not by the participant vendors. As with the previous eleven editions, no vendors have been involved in any way with the formulation of The BI Survey. Unlike most other surveys, it is not commissioned, sponsored or influenced by vendors.

    Maybe you could blog/twitter about the survey or reach out to your contacts?
    If you decide to help us, please use this link when promoting the survey:


    The Survey is scheduled to run for the next two weeks, until the end of July.

    If you require any further information or help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Nikolai Janoschek

  2. Hi David.

    I have found your web very useful. But I have not found the rss feed. Do you have one?

    Thanks for your time and knowledge

    Best regards

  3. Hi David, I hope you could help me. I downloaded Pentaho 5.0.1 CE, set all variables paths, update web.xml, and start it for the first time (no changes to databases, no plug in installed, etc) but I get a message error: ESAPI.properties could not be found. When I log in (default user/password) everything seems ok but dialog box doesn’t disappear and user console doesn’t load. Looking at Catalina log I find a lot of “WARNING: A HTTP GET method, public void org….” Have you got any suggestion? (I use a windows 7 X64, Java 1.7.0_51 X64, Firefox/Chrome).
    Thank you in advance.

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