Filter data by user on Pentaho CDE

  1. Create a dashboard on CDE
  2. Create a Simple Parameter for example param_user
  3. On Layout Perspective –> Add Code Snippet. We will use  Dashboards.context.user
    $( document ).ready(function() {
    var param_user=Dashboards.context.user;
  4. Now on datasources create a query with param_user as parameter
    WHERE user=${param_user}
  5.  Use your query in a CDE component (Table, Chart, Text Component)

Pentaho 6.0.x Install

Interesting IT Tip's


After reading the changelog, I thought that the numbering from 5.4 to 6.0 was not justified. But then I realized that this is the first version of Pentaho under the Hitachi brand, and, seting a round number setted a milestone as completed. A good sign is that they kept the release day of the community version (CE), the same as the commercial one.

Recomendation: Check the ETL, it is a wonderfull tool. Spend time with it, it will let you clean and process data from several sources (Text, NoSql, DB, Excel, SAP ERP) and send it on its way [to services or users] in different formats. Of course it can be used with other suites. Then proceed with the Web server that is primary a client side tool that show processes according to user privileges and calendarize processes. To build dashboards you can choose between two sets of bulding blocks: CTools or…

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