Playing with Jedox (BI + CPM)


Today I would like to introduce Jedox , this MOLAP tool is the perfect mate for Pentaho BI.


Analyze. Plan. Act.

Jedox empowers you to analyze historical data for meaningful insight, and to plan and forecast intelligently. Jedox unleashes your capabilities in one solution, unifying Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (BI & CPM) into your competitive edge.

Below I explain some examples of Jedox capabilities:

1-) If we start pasting a following view with 2014 Actual and Budget data by Region

jedox ini pasteview

2-) We could copy actual 2014 on empty 2015 Budget

copy actual;2014




3-) Then we will increase value a 20%





4-) Now we will predict 2016 based on 2014 and 2015 data

predict 2014:2015



5-) Distribute a fixed amount based on a previous year

17M like 2014; Actual




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