Pentaho and MongoDB Rendezvous in SF


Pentaho Report Designer Tips Collection

Set encoding for PDF exports

Tired of  errors in character set PDF export… here is a little help.

File –> Configuration –> output-pageable-pdf –> Enable .Encoding checkbox and set for example  ISO-8859-1 character set as value


Set Locale for using in date message-fields

Writes multiple data types (text, string field, date field, and numeric field) into one object. We may have a message field including date with the following value $(,date,EEEE, d MMMM yyyy HH:mm) and we want to change development locale, here is how you can modify it.

File –> Configuration –> core-module  –> Enable .environment.designtime.Locale and set for example  es_ES as value for Report Designer development stage locale


Set CSV export separator character

File –> Configuration –> output-table-csv –> Enable .Separator and set for example  ; as value to override default , character