Pentaho Community Meeting 13 (Sintra – Portugal)

Hello Pentaho world, today I have to confess that the experience at the Pentaho Community Meeting (Sintra – Portugal) was wonderful. Meeting pentaho community guys from all over the world, Zachary (Bizcubed) travelled from Sidney!!, talking about developments and projects. It is not my purpose to bore you today so I will begin showing photos taken and summarizing some interesting topics:

It all started early in the morning with Pedro opening the event and Doug Johnson making an overview of Pentaho Enterprise and Community editions focusing especially on benefits produced by the rich community of users.

Then it was the turn to Jake Cornelius to present us about future Pentaho RoadMap (Pentaho 5.1    2014 Q1,  v 5.2   2014 Q3 …)

SAM_1314In this pic Marius Giepz  shows us a  preview of Saiku reporting version 2

SAM_1317Crosstabs in Saiku Reporting!! check it here…

SAM_1318And even more Saiku Adhoc will be integrated with OLAP soon

SAM_1321Then it was the turn of Paul describing Saiku OLAP 2.5 capabilities and features ( CCC charts, performance improvements …)

SAM_1322… and the future release of Saiku 3 with dashboards incorporated!

SAM_1323Continuing with OLAP it was the time of Pentaho Canada or being more accurate  was the turn of Luc Boudreau describing us OLAP 4J features:

SAM_1324And to finish  with OLAP and Mondrian topics Julian Hyde introduced us Optiq a dynamic data management framework

SAM_1325A query against MySQL and Splunk…with Optiq everything is possible

SAM_1327After the Lunch and the tour through an amazing place calle Pena Palace. Pedro Alves presented us Sparkl a new tool to create Pentaho apps in minutes! The demo surprised all the assistants. Then David Duque and Ricardo Pires showed us a Pentaho Solution Builder, then Pedro Vale from Webdetails show the new Ctool called CFR to upload/download files from Pentaho Repository. After this Thomas Morgner previewed the new PRD with crosstabs and styles improvements. Besides I must not forget the awesome slides of my friend Francesco Corti with Lego toys to make us laugh while he introduced a Pentaho Data Integration plugin to read from Alfresco (and other CMIS platforms) and a module of analytics embedding Pentaho reports, dashboards and OLAP views into Alfresco. Then, Luca and Massimo showed us Btable a table component of CDE with OLAP capabilities on all cells and Caio talked us about the brazilian pentaho community.

After a cofee break it was the ETL time and of course here it is Matt talking about how to easily create plugins for Kettle 5

SAM_1347Continuing with ETL stuff Maria Roldán described us how to reload a fact table in case of a failure in a daily etl loading process and some other advanced datawarehousing techniques.

Below we can see Doug Moran one of the founders teaching us how to access with Pentaho Reporting to native datasources. Don’t forget including XUL templates to new PDI steps!


It was the time to finish this outstanding day Jens Bleuel told us how to call Kettle from PostgreSQL and last but not least Jens told us about a new Kettle component to include voice recognition and translate from french to english, a nice joke to make us laugh!

From here and now I promise that next year I  will expose and present some interesting plugin since my head is full of ideas and my country Spain and my corporation Stratebi will be represented at #PCM14


Hope everybody enjoyed remembering this brief summary of this excellently organized meeting. In a wonderful place called Sintra

SAM_1371 SAM_1385 SAM_1352SAM_1369@pentaho_fan

David Fombella.


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