BARC BI Survey 13


Today I will ask you to fill BI Survey 13 since it is a good way of getting the opinion as  Pentaho BI user and should only take you a few minutes.

Here I comment a little background on the survey:

The BI Survey, published by BARC, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive annual survey of the real world experiences of business intelligence software users. Now in its twelfth year, The BI Survey regularly attracts around 3000 responses from a global audience. It provides an invaluable resource to companies deciding which software to select and to vendors who want to understand the needs of the market.

The Survey is funded by its readers, not by the participant vendors. As with the previous eleven editions, no vendors have been involved in any way with the formulation of The BI Survey. Unlike most other surveys, it is not commissioned, sponsored or influenced by vendors.

Here is the link, let’s make Pentaho go beyond with our opinions and get excellent results on this Survey. Go #PentahoGeeks Go.

Remember that the Survey is scheduled to run for the next two weeks, until the end of July.