Pentaho 4.8 /4.5 CE running on iPad / iPhone / Android bug fixed

When we log into Pentaho User Console using our iPad /iPhone/iPod Touch or an Android device, by default Pentaho launches Analyzer , however this component is exclusive from Enterprise Edition.


To correct this issue we should open this file:
included in the following folder:
and search for the following code snippet

 if(/(iPad|iPod|iPhone)/.test(navigator.userAgent) || window.orientation !== undefined){
returnLocation = CONTEXT_PATH+"content/analyzer/selectSchema";

Disable or delete this source code lines and the bug will be fixed

 //if(/(iPad|iPod|iPhone)/.test(navigator.userAgent) || window.orientation !== undefined){
  //      returnLocation = CONTEXT_PATH+"content/analyzer/selectSchema";

Known limitations:

On several mobile devices mantle double click behavior doesn’t work fine, remember to use the buttons red squared on the next screenshot



I hope you have enjoyed!
Please feel free to comment or add any tips or ideas you may have


1 thought on “Pentaho 4.8 /4.5 CE running on iPad / iPhone / Android bug fixed

  1. One thing we do is redirect over to a dashboard which has links to our other content. It allows us to manage the user experience more effectively. I have also seen some dashboards make use of a navigation component which is included with CDE which will read from the repository and you can make your own menu system with it.

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