What’s your favorite chart? (New features in Pentaho)

0-Title12DaysVizChoose your favourite Chart/Diagram from new Pentaho features and comment me a background where this chart unveils valuable information.  Web: http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/COM/Holiday+Visualizations


The sunburst chart enables you to visualize hierarchical data by displaying each level in the hierarchy as a series of rings.

1-SunBurst1-SunBurst2ZOOM CHART

The zoom chart allows you to view trends across a large data set where you can select the key areas that you want to “zoom into”

2-Zoom Chart2-Zoom Chart2TRELLIS CHART

Discover structure and patterns in complex data.

3-Trellis Chart3-Trellis Chart2TREEMAP

Visual representation of a data tree, with data organized in hierarchical clustered rectangles, the size of each representing the quantity

4-Treemap4-Treemap2CHORD DIAGRAM

Useful for exploring relationships between attributes.5-Chord Diagram5-Chord Diagram2PARALLEL COORDINATES

A popular method of visualizing high-dimensional data, this visualization provides the ability to analyze multiple attributes across many measures, then interactively filter data across all measures simultaneously.

6-Parallel Coordinates6-Parallel Coordinates2INDEX CHART

Visual representation of text data with the importance of each tag signified by font size or color to quickly show relative prominence.

7-Index Chart7-Index Chart28-Calendar Chart8-Calendar Chart2TAG CLOUD

Visual representation of text data with the importance of each tag signified by font size or color to quickly show relative prominence.

9-Tag Cloud9-Tag Cloud2FUNNEL CHART

Funnel charts are a type of chart, often used to represent stages in a sales process and show the amount of potential revenue for each stage. This type of chart can also be useful in identifying potential problem areas in an organization’s sales processes

10-Funnel Chart

10-Funnel Chart2PACKED CIRCLE

Packed Circle chart, uses circular containment to represent hierarchy.

11-Packed Circle11-Packed Circle2CROSS FILTER

Select areas of interest on the chart to slice and dice many attributes simultaneously; useful for large, multivariate datasets

12-Cross Filter12-Cross Filter2

Have you enjoyed? Please share your comments and try the new charts.



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