What happens with Pentaho, Infobright and Semphonic team up…

The challenge with organizations’ Web analytics efforts is finding a way to meaningfully represent digital behavior at the customer-level. Pentaho and our big data partners, Semphonic and Infobright ( Columnar databases), came together to address this challenge and turn websites into revenue generating machines.

Great results happen when you bring together great technology and expertise. The three of us have created a customizable framework for Web analysis and digital measurement. CMO’s, product managers or marketing analysts can rapidly answer questions regarding Website usage, customer behavior, marketing effectiveness and site performance and quickly uncover meaningful insights from big data Web analytics.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the resources we’ve put together to get started with Pentaho and big data web analytics:

Register for the joint webcast, “Mastering Digital Measurement: The Tools You Need to Get it Right” on July 19, 2012 at 10 am PST.
Access and use the demo to explore how to uncover meaningful insights from big data Web analytics
Download the white paper ”Everything You Know About Digital Measurement is Wrong…and What to Do About It“

Excellent article by

Donna Prlich
Director, Product Marketing


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