Be welcome to Open Source Business Intelligence experiences!

Business Intelligence is a growing field. The roots are in Data Warehousing (collecting data), data mining (doing analytics on data) and decision support (dashboards, reports and event notifications). That is why I am attracted to this field. During 2011 I worked as Business Intelligence consultant at CSC, focused in designing and developing BI solutions (ETL processes, ad –hoc reporting, OLAP) with Pentaho Business Intelligence and Analytics. Currently I am working at Stratebi in Madrid (Pº de la Castellana).

Nowadays, you need to provide the business decision makers
with the tools they need to make use of the data. In this
context, “tools” means much more than just software. It
means everything the business users need to understand
what information is available, find the subsets they need,
and structure the data to illuminate the underlying business

In this blog I will try to share my experiences with Business Intelligence and open source software.


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